Lee Business Complex

In an effort to encourage economic development, the Lee Town Council obtained the vacated Lee School building to establish a business incubator.

The building has 9,298 square feet of office space, which has been divided into nineteen available offices ranging from 110 square feet to thirteen hundred. The complex has been divided into two sections, one area for the development of a small business incubator and the other to provide services to the community.

A new emerging business occupied 7,336 square feet of this facility. After occupying the facility for the first two years, sales have doubled. This business has created additional jobs in the community and has become an economic stimulus. Increasing its storage capacity allowed the business to expand its product investment – empowering it to take home more of the market.     

 A daycare moved into 3400 sq. ft. of the facility increasing its size from an occupancy of 27 children to one of 84. The lack of daycare facilities in the county was an area of concern as 80 children were on a waiting list. This facility grew in the first six months to 65 children and 8 new employees. This has provided parents with the ability to obtain jobs and provided new jobs for our area.

The daycare has moved into a new location.  We’re very excited to see their continued growth.  

The Town of Lee continues to encourage economic growth and is eager to assist with the development of business. If you have any questions regarding our Business Complex and the available rental space, please feel free to contact us at  850-971-5867.

Lee Business Complex
226 SE Lee School Ave
Lee Fl 32059